About Us

Because i like it!

While in between jobs in 2007, I was considering working for an at-home direct sales company. When I found out the start-up costs, my husband said, "Why don't you just start your own business?" Why not? My two loves are shopping and talking. I could put these two passions together and start my own business.

I looked around the house and gathered things that "I like." Most of my "likes" were things made in Ireland. This is not surprising because both of my parents were born in Ireland and I have always had great pride in my Irish heritage. Two months later with the help of family, friends and neighbors "because I like it!" was born.

Twelve years later...although I still have a strong retail presence, I now have created my own line of accessories including jewelry, gloves, scarves and small leather goods that I have branded BILI Celtic. My mission remains: Stay true to the fact that I will always sell things "I like."

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